The Most Useful Groomsman Gifts

After being in numerous weddings and experiencing some pretty terrible gifts, we set out on our mission to find great gift ideas for your groomsmen that they will actually use. Below you will find our list of the best and most useful groomsmen gifts.

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A Badass Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is hand forged and no bs. Hand this one down from generation to generation. It’s a beast.


An Everyday Carry Pocket Knife

Choose a knife that is classic, durable, and portable. They’ll be surprised at how often this comes in handy. Here are a few options we like (in no particular order – they are all great, go based off the style you like):

Classic Buck Knife

A Pocket Knife They’ll Want To Keep With Them A Pocket Knife They’ll

$75 from

Military Inspired Knife

A Pocket Knife They’ll Want To Keep With Them

$50 from

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